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Global Field Day was launched on July 13, 2021.
Generating nearly 10 million media impressions, Global Field Day raised over $100k in donations to charities supporting entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and climate change.

Fox Sports premiered a TV Special on September 9th, 2021, that re-capped the opening day events in Denver and launched the Global Field Day media initiative.
About Fox Sports: The network finished 2021 with the most total viewership minutes among sports networks with 250 billion, up from 238 billion a year ago.
In the United States, an average of 294 thousand viewers watched Fox Sports 1 in 2021, up from 236 thousand in the previous year.

🗞️ Online Press Readership Total: 704 Million

Social Media Engagement & Reach:
✳️ Facebook: 746K Reach and 1.6M Impressions
✳️ Snapchat: 2.6M impressions and 17k Swipe Ups
✳️ TikTok: 386k Impressions
✳️ Top Audiences For Social Media: Sports and Music

Notable Media Hits

Global Field Day's Charity Initiatives

Global Field Day made a direct donation to climate change charity Laudato Tree, founded by 17-year old Vivienne Harr. Vivienne has been endorsed by the Pope and is committed to raising $42M to plant 7 million trees across the Great Green Wall of Africa.

Raiinmaker, the fastest growing web3 social media platform, teamed up with multimedia company Cosmic Wire and mysterious street artist Banksy to support several climate charities on #GlobalFieldDay. Cosmic Wire created six unique NFT-based art of Banksy’s works and tied tokens to what was left of Banksy’s iconic original Spy Booth mural.

All of the royalty streams of the NFTs were given as support to Laudato Tree, American Forests and The Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN).

During the #GlobalFieldDay initiative, Raiinmaker users helped raise $25,000 for World Youth Horizons — the exact amount needed to build a home for orphans in Uganda.